Ever attempt to trick Rusty the dog into taking his antibiotics capsule by stuffing it into his favourite food only to have him spit them out eventually?


Did you spend hours trying to convince Fluffy the cat to swallow her thyroid medication, sustain minor scratch injuries in the process (Ouch!!) , then have her vomit everything onto your favourite rug? Well, it may be heart wrenching to watch our sick pets suffer for their health but caring for them does not have to be a headache.


Humans and animals share many common drugs for the same ailments. However, there is a huge difference in the dosage requirements for each species simply because of our varying weight and drug metabolism capacities. Unfortunately, there are many drugs used for treatment by Veterinarians which are not available in animal dosage strengths.


Pets have always been an integral part of the family and therefore deserve the best medical care available. Compounding affords the flexibility of customizing animal dosage strength into smaller capsules (suitable flavour may also be added) that can be easily swallowed by your pet. Pharmacists and veterinarians can work together to improve and maximize the therapeutic success and compliance of these animals – pets, exotics, wildlife, zoo animals, large & small animals – and reduce the overall cost of animal care.


Examples of potential veterinary needs include:

  • Flavouring dosage forms that make it easy, even fun, to dose an animal:
    • Chocolate/peanut butter suspension for hyper insulin in ferrets
    • Stool softener in beef flavoured gelatine balls
    • Good tasting marshmallow, liver, beef, bacon, chicken or fish flavoured suspensions
    • Other exciting flavours include butterscotch, caviar, carrot crème, chocolate custard, peanut butter, pina colada, sweet potato crispy, tutti frutti and the list goes on.



  • Custom strength medications for seizures, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, parasitic infections, appetite stimulation etc
  • Low dose, longer acting insulins
  • Vitamins and tonics
  • Commercially unavailable, combination, custom-formulated products
  • Protective medical coatings for wounds or stitches (coatings which are difficult to lick off)
  • Hard-to-find medication for urinary tract incontinence
  • Transdermal anti-motion sickness medicine that can be applied to outer ear surface

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