About Us

A compounding pharmacy is a highly professional and specialized service provider. Unlike traditional neighbourhood pharmacies where products with standardized formulations are purchased off the shelves, compounding pharmacy service providers like Accent Wellness works with a network of professional medical doctors and clinics to provide customized medication to ensure patient compliance. This level of service has never before been realized in current retail pharmacy as such and opens the door to infinite ways that Accent Wellness can improve the quality of life for patients.


To ensure maximum efficacy and effectiveness, participating clinics and doctors are required to undergo an extensive training program by leading experts from USA and each prescription will be vetted by Accent Wellness to ensure the correct dosage is being prescribed. For optimal quality and results, each compounded product will be produced to an exact standard within a premise that adheres to strict regulations keeping to uncompromised cleanliness and safety. Accent Wellness is also a compounding pharmacy that has acquired specialised expertise in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.


Accent Wellness is a member of the Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia (PCCA), with vast resources to provide unique solutions for some of the most complex medication problems physicians and patients face today. We work closely in a triad – with the doctor – with the patient – to meet their individual needs and pursue more positive therapeutic outcomes. Unique solutions for quality healthcare.